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Dmitry A. Glukhovsky

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Dmitry A. Glukhovsky

Dmitry A. Glukhovsky (Moscow, 1979), Russian journalist and author, graduated in journalism and international relations in Jerusalem. As a reporter he worked in many countries around the world and was the first journalist to report live from the North Pole.

He started publishing stories when he was only 19 years old, but he gained the real popularity in 2002 when he published his first novel Metro 2033 on his web site as a free source, making it a sort of an internet experiment.

The novel was printed in 2005 and has become Russia’s national bestseller, translated to more than 30 languages. In 2007 Glukhovsky was awarded the Encouragement Award of the European Science Fiction Society for his novel at the prestigious Eurocon in Copenhagen. Three years later a first person shooter video game was released worldwide for PC and Xbox platforms.

Dmitry continued publishing online for free, and in the 2007 his readers had a chance to enjoy his novel It’s Getting Darker. In 2009 more than one million people read Metro 2034, an indirect sequel that takes place a year after the events in Metro 2033. Regardless of the fact that it was free online, this novel was also published as a book and became best-selling work of the year in Russia. Glukhovsky has turned the book into an art-project, inviting famous Russian electronic performer Dolphin to write an original soundtrack for the novel, while artist Anton Gretchko worked on the oil paintings for the gallery.

Besides his SF novels, Glukhovsky is also the author of a satirical series Stories of Motherland criticizing today’s Russia. Currently, he is negotiating the film rights for the Metro novels with Hollywood producers.


2007 Eurocon Encouragement Award for the best novel Metro 2033


  • Tales of the Motherland / Рассказы о Родине (2010)
  • Metro 2034 / Метро 2034 (2009)
  • Fly (Lyeti/Лети) (2008)
  • A Cold Spell / Похолодание (2008)
  • Panspermia / Панспермия (2008)
  • Before and After (2008)
  • Eh how much? / Чё почём (2008)
  • It’s Getting Darker / Сумерки (2007)
  • The end of the Road / Конец дороги (2006)
  • Metro 2033 / Метро 2033 (2005)
  • Infinita Tristessa (2005)
  • Night /Ночь, Astrel (1999)
  • Stories about animals / Рассказы о животных (1999)
  • The Case at the Zoo / Случай в зоопарке (1998)
  • Eight Minutes / Восемь минут (1998)
  • Night /Ночь (1998)
  • When you’re alone… / Когда ты один… (1998)
  • The Story of One Dog / История одной собаки (1998)