Zagreb, April 26-29 2012

SF&F in Croatia

Little bit of history, little bit of present…

History of Science Fiction in Croatia

Science Fiction in Croatia has a very long tradition. Although the elements of fantastic and speculative (as far as science in the modern sense is concerned) in the Croatian literature can be traced back to the years immediately before and after World War I, it is generally agreed today that the first true Croatian SF novel was Na Pacifiku 2255. (On The Pacific In 2255) by Milan Šufflay, first serialized in 1924 and re-issued in a book-form in 1998.

In 1976 the first Croatian SF magazine Sirius was started and in that same year SFera, the Science Fiction Society from Zagreb, was founded. The first SFeraKon (Zagreb’s convention) was held in 1979 and in 1986 Zagreb also held the Eurocon convention.

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The organized fandom in Croatia dates back to 1976 when SFera Science Fiction Society was founded in Zagreb. Fandom members frequently attend SF&F conventions in Croatia and the neighboring countries, participating by giving lectures, organizing book promotions and game tournaments, presenting board games and card games. Although a relatively small country, Croatia is home to variety of fandoms and fan subcultures, of which we mention only the most active and influential ones.

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International recognition

Some Croatian Science Fiction and Fantasy authors have already gained international recognition. But, if you still haven’t heard of Milena Benini, Tatjana Jambrišak, Zoran Krušvar, Darko Macan or Aleksandar Žiljak, these are couple of things you need to know …

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