Zagreb, April 26-29 2012

Regional SF

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Regional SF

Apart from a brief presentation of fandom and science fiction literature within Kontakt Special Track, SF & F associations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia will present the works of their authors.


  • screening and presentation of short 3D animated movie Kyamet, from the multi-awarded film artist, Ivan Ramadan


  • presentation of SF Club Stardust Space, Slovenian authors and their works (Andrei Ivanuša, M. Amedeja Painted, Mara R. Chirac, Bojan Ekselenski)


  • presentation of the Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film with screenings, by J. Ristić and D. Jovićević
  • Panel Graphic Novels in the SE Europe, by moderator P. Zelić (guests: Macan, Sunjić, M. Vladanović)


  • presentation of the novel Irbis from the multi-awarded and internationally known SF writer, Aleksandar Žiljak
  • lecture Cartoon History of Croatian SF, by our Guest of Honour, Darko Macan
  • presentation of magazines Sirius B, new SF almanac Titan, series of books Dvostruka zvijezda, Nebula and Vrhovi SF-a, presentation of  SF portal, by Davorin Horak, the editor of fanzines and magazines
  • promotion of the novel Formula za kaos from a young talented writer, Franjo Janeš
  • promotion of the illustrated tales Sjeverozapadni vjetar from the internationally recognized and award-winning Croatian illustrator and artist, Zdenko Bašić
  • Panel Regional Science Fiction – Where Are We Going?, by moderator, Boris Švel. Discussion about the regional science fiction and presentation of short SF collections Smak, Eridan.


Don’t forget to check out the Reading Corner, where you can hear regional authors (Benini, Rašeta, Ristić, Zelić, Žiljak) reading their works and hang out with them. For the exact time of particular readings or presentations please check the Kontakt schedule.

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