Zagreb, April 26-29 2012

Crocodile on the Head, Super Mario Mushroom around the Neck & Chainmail Earrings

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Crocodile on the Head, Super Mario Mushroom around the Neck & Chainmail Earrings

At SF conventions you can usually wear anything science fiction-ish; from a complete costume to a geeky T-shirt, but after the convention you need to figure out how to make Space Invaders or Super Mario Mushroom chick on your head. We’ll get a little help from modern time Aglaea, Euphrosyne and Thalia :

For the first time at SFeraKon we have the honor to announce a young architect from Zagreb, Tea Pećnik, and her cute and geeky BeeBit collection, 8-bit collection of plastic jewelry and ornaments for home, based on the animated cartoons. On her colorful stall you’ll definitely find something that would fit in your room or around your neck. The BeeBit offers an unusual collection of flowers, magnets, jewelry, brooches and costers. Enjoy her work on Beebit FB page.

From the historic Adriatic city of Zadar comes the talented Irena Stein Medvidović, the author of the unique fantasy and medieval jewelry. Irene combines her necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants with materials such as stainless steel, woven and coated wire, leather, mother of pearl, glass and acrylic beads. See her stunning creations on the blog Aimee’s Jewelery.

Pinkeye (Ina Bulaja) has been our regular exhibitor since 2006 and we love everything she sculpts ​​from fimo (polymer clay)! :-) This year Pinkeye is also the sponsor of our Masquerade, so hereby we thank her once again. For the past SFeraKons she created some themed jewelry, such as Roswell earrings & Bemmet brooches. Her funky weird works of art see on the Pinkeye Twisted Jewelry page.

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  1. Nicola @ Lizzielane

    I love the Beebit collection, totally unique and fun.

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